Wills & probate before 1858

Waters Upton wills and probate 1700 to 1730

This page is a work in progress, with abstracts of wills and probate records only for the period 1700 to 1730 so far. The period covered is however an interesting one, with many wills and administrations (or admons) accompanied by inventories.

In the abstracts below, all testators (or those who died intestate) were of Waters Upton unless otherwise stated. In the case of wills, the name (and, where stated, occupation or status) of the the testator is given along with their state of health, as described when the will was written (quoting directly from the will). The dates when the will was written and when it was proved follow (X indicated that the testator made their mark). This information is followed by details of the beneficiaries of the will (name, relationship to the testator, and what they were to receive), the name or names of the executor(s) and/or executrix(es) (unless already noted against one or more of the beneficiaries), and a summary of the inventory (if there was one), with values given in the format ([pounds]-[shillings]-[pence]). In the case of admons, the name of the deceased (and their occupation or status if stated) is given, followed by the date when administration was granted and to whom it was granted (with names of bondsmen where applicable and if legible). Details of inventories are given in the same way as for wills.

Mary Hitchin, spinster (“beeinge but weake of bodie but of a sound and p’fect memorie”). Will dated 25 Jan 1701 proved 7 May 1702.
Beneficiaries: Sarah Worrall, wife of William Worrall of Garmston (unspecified) (£20); “Ralph Dickstons three Children which hee had by his first wife” (unspecified) (£13; £4 each to two boys and £5 to the girl); Margery Joanson, wife of Willian Joanson (sister) (£14 “which the sd. William Joanson doth owe mee”); William Ferrington (brother-in-law) (to “have the Disposeing” of Sarah Worrall’s bequest if she should die within a year of Anne’s death, and the £14 due to Margery Joanson if William Joanson her husband should “overlive” her).
Other wishes: “my bodie to bee buried in the Church yard of great Bolas”.
Note: Second page of will, with name(s) of exector(s) and witnesses, missing.
Inventory dated 17 Mar 1701/2: Moneys with Specialty (66-6-0), Moneys Without Specialty (6-17-0), Beds and Bedinge bedstids & Coverings (4-13-4), one Table (0-13-4), Napery Ware (1-10-0), Pewter & Iron Ware (0-10-0), 1 Chest 1 Boxe 1 Safe (0-15-0), one Press (0-13-4), one smale Table one ould payre of Bedstids wth some Shelves (0-11-0), her weareinge apparrell (3-0-0), out of sight (0-1-0) (90-10-0). Appraisers: William Joanson (X), Richard Steventon.

Anne James, widow. Administration granted 15 Oct 1702 to Margaret Gould wife of Humphrey Gould of Compton in the parish of Tettenhall, Staffordshire.
Inventory dated 30 Jul 1702: Aparrell of bookes (9-10-00), some household goods (6-10-00), her wearing Apparell (4-05-00), debts oweing upon specialty (70-00-00), debts without specialty desperatt (21-8-00) (111-13-00).

William Barkley, yeoman (“weake in body but of sound & disposeing memory”). Will dated 20 Mar 1702 proved 29 Apr 1703.
Beneficiaries: William Gold (nephew) (Executor) (all freehold lands; messuage or tenement in which living and all lands thereunto belonging for the remainder of the lease; all household goods, implements of husbandry and “stock of quick Cattell”); George Felton of Great Bolas (brother-in-law) (all debts due and owing remitted and forgiven except the sum of £6); Francis Beardmore of Bishops Offley (unspecified) (50 s.); Richard Francis (kinsman) (50 s.); Humphrey Gold and Jane his sister (nephew and niece) (£40 each); Humphrey Gold (Executor) and his children (brother-in-law and nephews, nieces) (remainder of goods, chattells and personal estate, to be equally divided between them); John Taylor of “the Dayry House” (unspecified) (all debts due and owing remitted except the sum of 50s.).
Inventory dated 2 Apr 1703: Seaven Cowes & three Calfes (24-10-00), Six Two yeare old Beastes (13-00-00), Six yeare olde (07-10-00), ffourty Seaven Sheepe (12-00-00), One hund’d & 40 measures of Rye (12-00-00), Tenn Tunnes of Hay (07-00-00), One [W___ie?] & one Tumbrill (04-00-00), Harrows Ploughs & other Implem’ts of Husbandry (01-00-00), Two store piggs (01-00-00), Corne upon the Ground (12-00-00), Malt in the House (03-15-00), Brass and Pewter in ye House (07-00-00), Iron ware within Doores (02-10-00), One Table (01-00-00), ffurniture in the parlor (07-10-00), In his owne Lodgeing Roome one Bed and other ffurniture (04-00-00), In the Store Chamber and Napery Beding & other ffurniture (30-15-00), In the Parlor Chamber (04-00-00), In the Chamber at ye Stairehead (01-00-00), Wooden ware of all Sorts (03-10-00), Bookes (02-00-00), One Chattell Lease of ye Tenem’t in Watersupton (60-00-00), Wareing Apparrell money in his pockett and money oweing (220-00-00), One Malt Mill and other Lumber (01-10-00), A debt oweing by George ffelton as Apeareth by will (06-00-00), Alsoe A debt oweing by John Taylor as Apeareth by will (02-10-00) (411-00-00). Appraisers: Sam’ll Roycroft, Thomas Palin, Godfrey Cooper.

Thomas Garmson. Administration granted 20 Feb 1704 to Elizabeth Humphreys wife of Thomas Humphreys of Eyton, yeoman. No inventory.

Ralph Humphreys. Administration granted 30 Apr 1705 (to daughter Anne Massey?).
Inventory dated 29 Apr 1705: Two tables one forme (00-10-00), Two Coffers (00-01-00), one Screen (00-02-00), one Dozen of Trenchers (00-00-06), ffour pipkins & 5 spoones & one pewter dish (00-01-06), Two ffether beds & boulsters two pair of sheets two table cloaths two Ruggs & two blanketts (01-00-00), A pair of Goblerts & a dreeping pan & spitt (00-03-06), a long Gunn (00-15-00), Two Straw whisketts (00-02-00), A malte mill (00-12-00), one Harrow (00-04-00), one Suck & coulter (00-02-02), one pitching pickerill (00-00-06), the Deceased his wearing apparell (00-05-00) (03-19-02). Appraisers: Joseph Yong, Tho: Nicholls.

Thomas Davison. Administration granted 7 Oct 1713 to Alis [= Alice] Davison, widow (bondsmen Wm Hazledine [of the same?], “Millright” and Thomas Bolas of Hinstock [yeoman?]). No inventory.

John Wase, Esq., of Shewsbury. Will signed and dated 6 Apr 1715, proved 17 Apr 1716.
Property: Houses, messuages, lands and tenements at Waters Upton, including a new house (with gardens, court, orchard, backside and pump; pictures, maps, furnace, boiler, jack and dressers and other things fixed therein to continue as heirlooms for as long as the house remains in the family); an ancient messuage plus houses or cottages (one in Pepper Street) at Hunsterton [parish of Wybunbury], Cheshire; a tenement and lands at Adderley held by a lease from Sir Robert Corbett; lands and houses at Coleham, a suburb of Shrewsbury.
Beneficiaries: Dorothy [Wase] (wife); John Wase (eldest son); Henry Wase (son); Benjamin Wase (youngest son); Rebecca [Wase] (daughter); Dorothy [Wase] (daughter); Elizabeth / Betty [Wase] (daughter); “the Poore of St Chadds Almeshouses in Shrewsbury” (26 s. in two instalments every year charged on a croft by Sutton Lane in Coleham); “the Poore of Waters upton Parish forever” (the remainder of the clear yearly rent on the croft at Coleham after a rent payment of 5 s. a year to the Company of Drapers at Shrewsbury); [Mrs] Shaw (sister) (£5); Samuel [Wase] (brother) (1 guinea); Joseph Hodgson of Chester (cousin) (1 guinea). Bequests made to wife Dorothy and their children not fixed but depend on whether or not Dorothy “will be so kind to her Children as to release her Right and Title to all her Joynture Lands and Estates” and accept an annuity in lieu; also portions for daughters dependent on them marrying with consent of their father or (after his decease) the consent of their mother and their father’s executors.
Other wishes: “to be intered in the Chancell which I built at Waters Upton, and that in a becomeing and yet frugall manner”.
Executors: Richard Price of Drayton, Clerk and Minister, Francis Butter the elder of Drayton “my kinsman”.
Witnesses: John Taylor, Corbett Price, William Cotton.

Thomas Parrock, yeoman (“being very sick and weak in Body but but of perfect mind and memory”). Will signed and dated 29 Mar 1716, proved 17 Apr 1719.
Beneficiaries: John [Parrock] “at seas or beyond seas” (son) (“half my House and Land paying Equal with his Brother Andrew”); Andrew [Parrock] (son) (Sole Executor) (“the other half of my House and Land and all other things whatsoever Household goods Corn Cattles Implements of Husbandry and everything wherewith I am possessed with and all my House and Land If provided my Son John Cometh not again”); James [Parrock] (son) (£10); Elizabeth Parrock (Granddaughter – “my Sone Jonathans Daughter”) (£7 at age 18).
Witnesses: Robt Wood, Tho: Garmson, Timo [= Timothy] Matthews.
Inventory dated 23 Sep 1718: one Heifer (01-00-00), 2 Beds and 3 pare of Bedstids (02-00-00), Three Coffers one Chest and one Box (00-15-00), Two pair of Sheets & other Bed Cloaths (00-05-00), one Tablecloath four napkins and one pillow coat (00-02-00), one Table one Bench two Chairs two barrils and other wooden vessels (00-10-00), one Brass Pan and Cettle three puter dishes two puter plates and other small puter vessels (01-00-00), Two Iron Potts one frying pan one spitt one paire of Gobbots one Dripping Pan and other Iron ware (00-10-00), Cheese in the House and Corne in ye Barne (01-00-00), His Weareing Apparrel and Money (00-10-00), Small Things omitted and forgotten (00-05-00) (07-17-00). Appraisers: Robert Wood, Timothy Mathews.

Alice Davison, widow (“being Sound in mind Tho weak in body”). Will signed (X) and dated 28 Aug 1722, proved 2 Oct 1722.
Beneficiaries: Sarah Davision (daughter) (“all & singular my Goods Cattle Chattles houshold Goods money & other my personall estate whatsoever & wheresoever”); Richard Davison (son) (40s.).
Executors: Thomas Garmson and Thomas Ibb of Waters Upton, yeomen (“recomending to them the Care of my Daughter Sarah”).
Witnesses: John Wase, Hen. Wase.
Inventory dated 7 Sep 1722: one cow and one swine (03-02-00), Bedsteads & Beding (03-00-00), Sheep (00-10-00), Cheese (00-15-00), hemp Dressed (00-10-00), hay & Clover (00-15-00), Brass & Pewter (01-00-00), al Maner of of wooden Vessels (00-05-00), a table & a Cuboard & three Chairs (00-06-00), Iron Instruments (00-10-00), Linens (01-00-00), A Chest & a Coffer & a Box (00-05-00), flax undressed (00-02-00), a cestern & some Mucke (00-04-00), money (08-00-00), her wearing Apparell (00-10-00) (20-15-00). Appraisers: John Hughes, Robert Gearey.

Elizabeth Dawes, widow. Administration granted 21 Oct 1725 (to John Ward?).
Inventory dated 28 Apr 1725: Two pare of Bed Steads and beding belonging to them (04-08-06), Linens (00-18-06), a table and benches and usefull things in the house (01-00-00), Wooden ware of all sorts and things in the loer house (01-00-00), pots and ketels and pewter of all sorts (01-03-00), things in two Roomes upstairs (01-05-00), The Barels and the things that are in the Buterey (00-17-00), Elizabeth Dawes her Wareing Aparel (00-12-00) (11-04-00). Appraisers: Thomas Stackhall (X), Robert Gearey (X). Witness: Thomas Garmson.

Thomas Stockall. Administration granted 15 Oct 1728 to Elizabeth Stockall, widow and relict (bondsmen John Hitchin of Bolas Magna, farmer, and Richard [Fryer?] of Ercall).
Inventory (undated): 3 Cows 4 heifers and 3 weaning calves (20-00-00), 1 horse and 2 mares (10-00-00), brass and pewter of all Sorts (02-05-06), wooden ware of all Sorts (02-00-00), one table and form (00-05-00), four boxes and three Wheels (00-15-00), Cheese (03-12-00), Corn and hay in the barn (13-00-00), Cart and Wheels (04-00-00), Implements of husbandry (02-10-00), his wearing apparell (01-00-00) (58-17-06). Appraisers not named.

Alice Upton (“beinge in perfecte minde & Memorye”. Will signed and dated 6 Aug 1729, proved 31 Oct 1729.
Beneficiaries: George Arna (nephew – “my Sister Son”) (“ten pounds And a bed And all that belongs to it And a paire of Sheets” [at age 21?]); Joane Arna (niece – “my Sisters dauter”) (“All my warringe Apparill & All my goods & to have the Remainge part of the five pounds After my ffunerall is [?]”); Mary [Hand?] (sister) (1 s.); Margrat Davis (sister) (1 s.).
Executor: Thomas Garmson.
Witnesses: William Slater, Joshua Griffies, Richard Wall.
Inventory dated 17 Aug 1729: A bed & bed steds (1-10-00), the Pewter (0-5-0), a Press (0-5-0), a little wheel & a Little stund (0-2-6), a Chest (0-7-0), tow Pair of Sheets (0-12-0), all her wearing apparell (1-0-0), any thing omitted or forgotten (0-5-0), Her money (15-0-0) (19-6-6). Apparisers John Manwaring, Richard Wall.

John Hughes Senior, yeoman (“being sick and weak in Body but of perfect mind and Memory”). Will signed (X) and dated 22 Jul 1728, proved 31 Oct 1729.
Beneficiaries: Mary [Hughes?] (daughter) (5 s.); John Hughes (son) (£5); Elizabeth [Hughes] (wife) and Joseph [Hughes] son (executrix and executor) (“all ye remainder of of my Goods and Wordly Estate whatsoever by me posses’d to be Equally Divided between them” subject to payment of funeral charges and debts owing “and after ye Death of my Loveing Wife Elizabeth Hughes all her substance shall wholy become my Son Joseph’s”).
Inventory dated 16 Sep 1729: Rye & wheat (18-0-0), Barly Peas fitches & oats (14-10-0), french wheat Hay & clover (13-0-0), Beanes (1-0-0), the Cows & young Beasts (33-10-0), the mares & Colte (16-0-0), the sheep (2-15-0), the swine (3-0-0), the carts & plows & implem’ts of Husbandry (6-0-0), the mucke (2-10-0), Brass & Pewter (2-2-0), Iron pots & other Iron things (1-2-0), wooden vessels (2-5-0), a chest & Linens (5-10-0), bed & bedsteds below stairs (3-0-0), A press & a chees press (1-0-0), two beds & bedsteads up stairs (5-0-0), Cofers & boxes (0-10-0), Chees & bacon (8-5-0), wool (0-7-0), His wearing apparell (1-0-0) (140-6-0). Appraisers Joseph Corfeild, James Lee.
Witnesses: Richd Wood Junior, Morris Davies (X), Elizabeth Picken.

William Haseldine, millwright. Administration granted 28 Apr 1730 to Ann Haseldine (X) (bondsmen Robert Humpherson of Ercall Magna, yeoman, and Robert Hatfield (X) of [the same?], farmer.
Inventory dated 28 Oct 1729: one Cow and one Colt (05-02-06), Corne in the Barne (03-05-00), Hay in the Barne (00-15-00), Cheese in the House (00-15-06), the Bedding of all Sorts (04-02-06), the Pewter (00-05-00), a Cheesepress (00-05-00), His working tooles (00-07-06), one Chest and one Box (00-05-00), two Iron Potts (00-05-00), His warring apparell (01-00-00), any thing unseen or forgotten (00-02-06) [“Here is Likewise an account of what Debts were owing by the said Willm Haseldine deceased”] to Mr Lummis for arrears of Rent (04-00-00), to Thomas Garmson for Rent (00-15-00), to George Adney for Summering the Colt (00-16-00), to Joseph Hughes for a Loade of Hay (00-10-00), to Jonathan Poole for Shooes (00-08-00), to Robt Geary for plowing (00-07-00), to Joseph Palin for Grass (00-06-00), to John Hayward (00-03-00), to Joseph Owen 2s to Tho: Edge 2s (00-04-00), to John Morris 10s to Mr Loyd 10s (01-00-00), to Sampson Pickin 5-6 to Wm: Jackson 3:6 (00-09-00), to Tho: Christian 4-6 to Andrew Peplow 4=6 (00-09-00), to John Vaughan 5-0 to widdow Russell 2s (00-07-00), the funerall Expences (01-10-00) [“So that the Remainder of the Inventorie when the debts and Considered and deducted amounts to] (05-06-06).