This section of the Waters Upton One Place Study website contains abstracts of the schedules of all eight publicly available censuses covering Waters Upton from 1841 to 1911 plus the 1939 National Identity Register, as follows:

1841 census abstract

1851 census abstract

1861 census abstract

1871 census abstract

1881 census abstract

1891 census abstract

1901 census abstract

1911 census abstract

1939 Register abstract

For each census abstract I have given the National Archives (TNA) reference, and the description of the ‘enumeration district’ as described by the enumerator (where the parish of Waters Upton was enumerated along with Rowton in the adjoining parish of Ercall Magna – as was usually the case – I have given only that part of the description relating to Waters Upton). The enumerator’s name is also given where known.

A name index for each abstract is also provided, with names listed in alphabetical order (surname first, then forename) with ages (as recorded on the census). Clicking on a link in the name index will take you to the household in which the person was enumerated.

Where a person in one census abstract also appears in the previous or next census abstract (or both), links are provided after that person’s details, clicking on one of these links will take you to the household in which the person was enumerated in the previous or next census.

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