Death notices etc.

In part to compensate for the absence of burial records after 1815, here is a selection of death notices, plus funeral and inquest reports, relating to deaths in the parish Waters Upton or of people with Waters Upton connections who died elsewhere. Longer reports are abbreviated here, but in each case I hold the full text on file offline.


On Saturday last, at St. Mary’s Grove, in this town, in her 23d year, Eliza Greene, youngest child of the late Rev. Robert Wilbraham Hill, Rector of Water’s Upton, Salop.
Staffordshire Advertiser, 10 Jun 1826, page 4.


On the 1st inst. at Bath, at the residence of her uncle Captain Hillier, R. N. Susan, second daughter of the Rev. Wright Willett, of Waters Upton, in this county.
Salopian Journal, 21 Jan 1835, page 2.


On the 17th instant, at Waters Upton Rectory, in the county of Salop, Catherine Victoria, youngest daughter of the Rev. Wright Willett.
Wolverhampton Chronicle, 30 Aug 1837, page 2.


On the 16th inst. at Waters Upton, Mr. Shuker, late of the Red Hill Farm, near Shifnal.
Eddowes’s Journal, and General Advertiser for Shropshire, and the Principality of Wales, 27 November 1844, page 2.


Friday, aged 49, John Dickin, Esq. of Waters Upton Hall, in this county, highly respected and deeply lamented by a large circle of friends.
Shrewsbury Chronicle, 9 Jan 1846, page 3.


On the 1st inst. at Waters Upton Rectory, Diana Margaretta, the beloved wife of the Rev. R. Corfield, aged 67.
Eddowes’s Journal, and General Advertiser for Shropshire, and the Principality of Wales, 6 Jan 1847, page 2.

On the 8th inst. at Coalpit Bank, in this county, aged 81, Mr. Thomas Blakemore, tailor. He formerly resided at Waters Upton, and would often talk of the late Rev. Mr. Hatton, the intimate friend of the late Mr. Fletcher, of Madeley, and remembered his preaching in Mr. Hatton’s church, and was constrained, by his powerful argument and appeal to the heart, to “Love the Lord.”
Eddowes’s Journal, and General Advertiser for Shropshire, and the Principality of Wales, 17 Mar 1847, page 2.


18th inst. aged 43, Anne, the wife of Mr. Daives [= Davies], of Waters Upton, and eldest daughter of the late Mr. John Skitt, of Fauls Green, in this county.
Shrewsbury Chronicle, 3 Mar 1848, page 3.


On the 16th instant, at the residence of her daughter, The Mount, near Nantwich, aged 80, Elizabeth, relict of the late Rev. Robert Wilbraham Hill, formerly rector Waters Upton, Salop, and eldest daughter of the late Edward Green, Esq., Lawford Hall, Essex.
Staffordshire Advertiser, 21 Apr 1849, page 5.


Deaths. 5th inst. at Waters Upton, near Wellington, aged eleven months, Emma, daughter of Mr. Morgan, surgeon.
Shrewsbury Chronicle, 11 Apr 1851, page 5.


Deaths. […] 9th inst., aged 12 years, Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. Morgan, surgeon, of Waters Upton, in this county.
Shrewsbury Chronicle, 16 Jul 1852, page 4.


14th March, aged 87, Mrs. Dickin, of Waters Upton Hall, in this county.
Eddowes’s Journal, and General Advertiser for Shropshire, and the Principality of Wales, 16 Mar 1853, page 2.

2d June, aged 83, Mrs. Dickin, of Vineyard Road, Wellington, relict of Mr. William Dickin, of Waters Upton, in this county.
Eddowes’s Journal, and General Advertiser for Shropshire, and the Principality of Wales, 8 Jun 1853, page 2.
Also notified in Shrewsbury Chronicle, 10 Jun 1853, page 4.


At the New Inn, Waters Upton, on Saturday, August 26th, on the body of John Hall, aged 47, who died suddenly the morning before. Verdict, Died by the Visitation of God.
Wellington Journal, 1 Sep 1854, page 11.
Also reported in Eddowes’s’ Journal, 6 Sep 1854, page 6.


25th ult., at Waters Upton, in this county, Angelina Colebatch.
Shrewsbury Chronicle, 1 Jul 1859, page 4.
Also notified in Wellington Journal, 2 Jul 1859, page 3.


On the 9th instant, at Waters Upton, Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr. William Morgan, in her 34th year.
Staffordshire Advertiser, 24 Nov 1860, page 5.


DEATHS. […] WILLIAMS—26th ultimo, aged 75, Mr. John Williams, of Waters Upton.
Wellington Journal, 3 Dec 1864, page 3.


DEATHS. […] MORGAN—20th instant, at Waters Upton, in this county, aged 19, William Edward, son of Mr Morgan, surgeon of this place.
Wellington Journal, 23 Mar 1867, page 1.

Our obituary this week records the death of John Taylor, Esq. of Waters Upton Hall. He was the eldest son of the late Richard Taylor, Esq. of Crudgington. Few employed the means at their disposal with more liberal generosity or less ostentation, and it might truly be said of him that in doing so his left hand knew not what his right hand did.
Eddowes’s Shrewsbury Journal, 10 April 1867, page 6.
Also reported in Wellington Journal, 13 Apr 1867, page 5.

27th inst., at Waters Upton, aged 71, Anne Britton, wife of Rowland Lawrence, M.D., of Pontesford.
Shrewsbury Chronicle, 31 May 1867, page 5.
Same notice in Bridgnorth Journal, 1 Jun 1867, page 5.


Fatal Accident to a Child.—On Saturday evening last, about five o’clock, a child named William Morris, aged five years, son of Richard Morris, a labourer, was sitting on Mr. Webb’s malthouse step at Water’s Upton, when Richard Hughes, grandfather of the child, left a horse and cart laden with coal standing opposite to Mr. Buttrey’s, shoemaker, while he went in to inquire about a shoe Buttrey was mending. While he was inside, the horse started to go, and the deceased ran to his head and endeavoured stop him, but the horse knocked him down, and the wheel of the cart passed over his head, killing him on the spot. On Monday last an inquest was held on the body, before J. Bidlake. Esq., at the Swan Inn, Waters Upton, when the jury returned a verdict of “Accidentally killed.”
Wellington Journal, 13 Jun 1868, page 7.


Coroner’s Inquest.—On Saturday an inquest was held at the Swan Inn, Waters Upton, before J. Bidlake, Esq., coroner, on the body of George Jones, tailor, aged 71 years. According to the evidence of James Ridgway, Richard Woolley, and Henry Martin, deceased was in the Swan Inn, on the previous evening, were [=where] he had a pint of ale, and left soon after eight o’clock, taking with him a cup of ale for his own and wife’s supper. He was observed to be a little fresh. A few minutes afterwards he was found lying dead on a footpath on his way home. It is supposed that deceased, on leaving the house, missed his road and fell over a garden wall, hitting his head against a large kerbstone, as he was bleeding from the forehead. Verdict, “Death from falling over a stone.”
Shrewsbury Chronicle, 14 Jan 1870, page 7.

On Saturday evening last, soon after 8 o’clock, as a passenger train was approaching Rowton Bridge, near Waters Upton, on the above line, an old man named John Hughes, aged 66, a pensioner and labourer, rushed from behind one of the abutments of the bridge and deliberately placed his neck on the line. […]
Shrewsbury Chronicle, 13 May 1870, page 5. Reported also in Eddowes’s Journal, 18 May 1870, page 8.
Note: Full reports held on file.


Oddfellows’ Funeral.—On Friday week, 14 of the members of the Loyal “Heart of Oak” Lodge of Oddfellows met at their Lodge-house, the Lion Inn, to pay the last tribute of respect to their departed brother, Thomas Cartwright. After attiring themselves in the funeral regalia of the district, a portion of the funeral address of the Order was read by the secretary, Mr. W. A. R. Ball, and the members walked in procession to the house of the deceased brother, where they were joined by the friends of the deceased, and proceeded to the parish church. The burial service was read in an impressive manner by the rector, Rev. J. B. Davies; at the conclusion of which, the secretary of the lodge read the portion of the funeral address of the Order. The procession then re-formed, and after calling at the house of deceased returned to the Lodge-house, where they were dismissed. The late brother was highly respected the neighbourhood, having held the situation of foreman over the drainers in this district for his Grace the Duke Sutherland for many years.
Wellington Journal, 15 Jul 1876, page 7.


DEATHS. […] MORGAN—20th inst., aged 73, at Rowton, Salop, John Morgan, M.R.C.S., L.S.A.
Wellington Journal, 28 Dec 1878, page 5.


Sudden Death.—On Monday afternoon last, Mr. and Mrs. Teale, of Dodicote, accompanied by a female friend, were driving through Waters Union, and when opposite the Parish School the lady was suddenly seized with fainting fit. Mr. and Mrs. Teale immediately returned to Mr. Tilley’s [= Titley’s], Waters Upton, where the unfortunate lady was taken in, and a messenger despatched to Wellington for medical assistance. Dr. Rider was soon in attendance, but the unfortunate lady expired in a short time after his arrival. From the medical testimony received it appears the deceased lady was suffering from disease of the heart.
Wellington Journal, 1 Nov 1879, page 4.


WOOLLEY—24th inst., aged 89, Louisa Harriet, widow of William Woolley, of Waters Upton, Salop.
Wellington Journal, 30 Apr 1881, page 5.


CORFIELD—18th inst., aged 69, at Llangattock Rectory, near Abergavenny, Caroline Corfield, last surviving daughter of the late Rev. Richard Corfield, Rector of Waters Upton.
Wellington Journal, 29 Apr 1882, page 5.


Man Found Dead at Eyton.—An inquest on the body of a man named William Lloyd, of Waters Upton, was held on Monday at the residence of Mr. Bromley, farmer, Eyton, […]. The first witness called was Thomas Rogers, who said he was a labourer, and lived at Wellington. He identified the body as that of William Lloyd, who was a native of Waters Upton. He was about fifty years of age. […] The jury returned verdict of “found dead.”
The Shrewsbury Journal, 27 Jun 1883, page 7. Reported also in Shrewsbury Chronicle, 29 Jun 1883, page 7, and Wellington Journal, 30 Jun 1883, pages 5 and 6.
Note: Full reports held on file.


MORGAN—21st inst, aged 67, Emma, relict of the late John Morgan, surgeon, late of Waters Upton.
Wellington Journal, 30 October 1886, page 5.


The Late Mr. J. Rider.—Yesterday afternoon a special service was held in the Parish Church of Waters Upton on the occasion of the unveiling of a window, which had been placed there in memory of the late Mr. J. Rider, who for many years had a large and extensive medical practice in Wellington and the district, and who died on February 10th, 1887. […]
Wellington Journal, 17 March 1888, page 8.
Note: For the full text of this report, see Memorial Inscriptions: Rider.


Sudden Death of an Innkeeper.—On Tuesday, J. V.T. Lander, Esq., coroner, held an inquest at the Swan Inn on the body William Foulkes, the landlord of that house, who had died suddenly the previous night. […]
Wellington Journal, 28 Dec 1889, page 7.
Note: Full report held on file.


Sudden Death of a Waters Upton Man in France.—On the 15th inst., Thomas Woolley, son of Robert and Eliza Woolley, of Waters Upton, died very suddenly at Pan, in the south of France, while attending upon his master, Captain Naylor Leyland, in whose service he had been for over 15 years. A letter of sympathy with the bereaved parents has been received from Mrs. Naylor Leyland, wife of Colonel Leyland, Hyde Park House, Albert gate, London. Woolley formerly lived at Apley Castle, Wellington.
Wellington Journal, 25 Jan 1890, page 8.

The Funeral of the Late Mr. Groucock, of Waters Upton, took place on Tuesday afternoon in the churchyard of Bolas Magna, the family burying-place. […] The inscription on the coffin-plate was—“Thomas Groucock, died December 11th, 1890; aged 63 years.” […]
Wellington Journal, 20 Dec 1890, page 7.
Note: Full report held on file.


MORGAN—19th inst., aged 47, at the Hare Butts, Waters Upton, Eliza, the dearly-beloved wife of Robert Flower Morgan. Her end was peace.
Wellington Journal, 30 Sep 1893, page 5.

In Memoriam. […]
MORGAN—In loving memory of Eliza, beloved wife of Robert Flower Morgan, The Harebutts, Waters Upton, who died September 19th, 1893. “She is gone, but not forgotten; Never will her memory fade; Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger Round the spot where she is laid.”—From her loving husband and children.
Wellington Journal, 24 Sep 1898, page 5.


Funeral.—The remains of Mrs. Jane Shepherd, wife of Mr. Hugh Shepherd, were consigned to their last resting place in the quiet little churchyard of Waters Upton on Tuesday [23 January]. The deceased lady, who was only ill a short time, will be greatly missed by a large circle of sorrowing friends and relatives. Great sympathy was expressed with Mr. Shepherd, who has been ill for some time, and who was unable to take part in the funeral proceedings. Beautiful wreaths were sent by the Rev. L. V. and Mrs. Yonge, Mr. H. F. and Mrs. Percival, Mrs. Hunt (Admaston), Miss Bromley (Eyton House), Mr. W. A. R. Ball and family, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shakeshaft, Miss Lewis [niece], and others.
Wellington Journal, 27 Jan 1894, page 7.


WILDBLOOD—17th inst., aged 80 William Wildblood, Tyrell, Waters Upton.
Wellington Journal, 24 Dec 1904, page 7.