1922 Kelly’s directory

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Kelly’s Directory of Shropshire, 1922

Note: The only parts of this directory that I have been able to view are the Private Residents and Trades listings at the back of the book (the only parts of the volume that FamilySearch has scanned and put online!). I have extracted all the entries relating to Waters Upton residents that I can find and present them below, however I may have missed some and at least one page is missing (which may or may not contain entries for Edwin Crawford Heal and/or Ferdindand Heyne, in the Farmers section). I have omitted those entries for people with Waters Upton postal addresses who were living outside the parish boundary.


Allen T. Waters Upton, Wellington
Davies Mrs. J. B. The White house, Waters Upton, Wellington
Eardley William H. Crescent house, Waters Upton, Wellington
Fisk Ernest James, Waters Upton hall, Waters Upton, Wellington
Juckes A. L. Waters Upton, Wellingtn
Meakin Rev. William Astbury, Rectory, Waters Upton, Wellington


Beer Retailers.
Price William Henry, Waters Upton, Wellington

Boot & Shoe Mas. & Dlrs.
Bennett S. T. Waters Upton, Wellington

James Mrs. A. Waters Uptn, Wellngtn
Morgan John S. The Harebutt,Waters Upton, Wellington

Carpenters & Joiners.
Ridgway A. Waters Upton, Wellingtn

Marked thus ° farm 150 acres or over.
Brooker [= Brookes] Jn. Waters Upton, Wellingtn
Casewell William, The Harebutt, Waters Upton, Wellington
Goodwin George H. Grange, Waters Upton, Wellington
Powell Charles William, Waters Upton, Wellington
Powell Hrbt. Jn. Waters Upton, Wllngtn
Woolley William, The Terrill, Waters, Upton, Wellington

[Medical List. Kelly’s Directories from 1926 show two medical practices operating on a limited basis in Waters Upton, namely Hollies & Wedd, and Hawthorn & Prentice. In 1922 Hollies and Wedd – George Hollies and Gilbert Wedd – were based at 45 New Street, Wellington; Henry William John Hawthorn was also in Wellington but not in partnership with Mr/Dr Prentice. Whether these medical men provided services in Waters Upton in 1922 I cannot confirm without seeing the entry for Waters Upton.]

Public Houses.
Swan inn, Miss M. H. Owen, Waters Upton, Wellington

Picken Mrs. Edith S. Waters Upton, Wellington

Smiths, Blacksmiths & Farriers
Ridgway C.J. Waters Upton, Wellingtn

Transcribed from a copy partially digitised by FamilySearch.