Marriages at Waters Upton

Abstracted marriage register entries from 1700 to 1837 (plus marriage data from 1837 to 1914)

Abstracts from 1700 to 1811 are based on those in: Shropshire Parish Register Society (1913), Shropshire Parish Registers, Volume XIII. Those from 1815 to 1837 are based on copies of the Waters Upton marriage register covering those years.

Information on marriages at Waters Upton following the introduction of the new form of marriage register in 1837 is incomplete and comes from a variety of sources (the original register is still in use and so is still held by the church).

In the abstracts from 1700 to 1811, the parties are of Waters Upton unless otherwise stated.

Abbreviations: b. = bachelor; lic. = licence; p. = parish; sp. = spinster; Wit. = witnesses; (X) = made their mark (this information given below only from 1815 onwards).

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21 May 1700: John Walker & Elenor Savage

23 May 1701: Thomas Parrock & Elizabeth Corbett

16 Sep 1701: Thomas Davies & Eliz: Woodcock

6 Oct 1701: Thomas Hazeldine & Eliz. Hatlerton

13 Feb 1701-2: William Parsons & Eliz. Palmer

[blank – 1702?]: William Higginson & Rachel Woodcock

18 Apr 1705: Richard Babbington & Mary Powell

13 Jan 1705-6: Andrew Pickin & Mary Bayly

26 Nov 1707: Sampson Pickin & Mary Williams, both of Crudgington

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27 Sep 1720: Andrew Tyther, of p. of Stoake, & Mary Cheese, of this p., after a canonicall publication of the Banns of Marriage, were marryed here

9 Jan 1720-1: Thomas Wood & Mary Loyd, after a Canonicall publication of Banns

27 Oct 1724: William Walton, of this p., & Katherine Keeling, of p. of Ercoll Magna, after a canonical publication in both Church’s

18 May 1725: Robert Geary & Mary Hughs, both of this p., after a canonicall publication of Banns

3 Apr 1727: John Pickin & Elizabeth Davis, after a Canonicall publication of ye Banns

13 Nov 1727: Mr. Vernon Yonge, of Charnes, in the p. of Eccleshall, & Madam Elizabeth Rygby, of ye p. of St. Julian’s in Salop, by vertue of a License directed to this Church, were maryed

30 Nov 1727: Robert Birch, p. of Kinnardsly, & Margaret Parrock, p. of Bowlas Magna, after a Canonical publication of the Banns

19 Feb 1727-8: Joseph Owen, p. of High Ercall, & Mary Lockley, of this p., after a Canonical publication of ye Banns

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30 Apr 1732: John Jones & Alice Jones, after a Canonical publication of the Banns

22 May 1732: Thomas Jackson & Elizabeth Edwards, after a Canonical publication of the Banns

6 Sep 1732: Francis Lite & Elienor Parrock, by vertue of a Licence directed to this Church

21 Sep 1734: Joseph Hussey, of p. of Drayton in Hales, & Mary Blest, of this p., by vertue of a Licence directed to this Church

5 Nov 1734: John Bates & Mary Hatfield, both of this p., after a Canonical publication of Banns

20 Jan 1734-5: Joseph Laffing, of p. of High Ercall, & Mary Matthews, of this p., after a Canonical publication of Banns

May Day 1738: Mostin Smith, of p. of Child’s Ercall, & Anne Patrick, of this p., after a  Canonicall publication of the Banns

26 Aug 1739: James Chidley & Mary Amies, both of this p., after a Canonicall publication of Banns

8 Aug 1743: Wm. Rider, of Tern Hill, in ye p. of Drayton, & Eliz: Chetto, of Stoke p., lic.

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22 Apr 1750: Thomas Dabbs, of ye p. of Wrockwadine, & Elenor Daws, of this p., after a Canonical pubn. of Banns, whear marryed hear

30 Apr 1751: Edmund Littlehales & Margaret Wingfield, of Salop, lic.

6 Jan 1752: Samuell Mancell & Martha Daws

6 Aug 1752: Folliott Sandford, of Salop, & Mary Littlehales, lic.

9 Oct 1755: John Birn, p. Malpas, Cheshire, & Elizabeth Blakemore, lic. By Benjamin Wase.

2 May 1757: William Middleton, tailor, about 21[?], & b., & Elinor Dabbs, wid.

6 Jul 1758: Thomas Tudor, p. High Ercall, b., 21, & Sarah Randle, sp., 21, lic. By John Smith.

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15 Apr 1762: John Taylor, p. Edgmont, co. Salop, & Elizabeth Davis, lic. By Borlase Wingfield, Curate.

28 Nov 1763: William Key, p. High Ercol & Jane Jackson.

1 Jan 1765: James Jones & Ann Cook. By Thomas Hatton, Rector [signs every succeeding entry to 1807].

1 Jul 1765: John Norton & Catharine Richards.

6 Jan 1766: John Whitmore & Mary Hazeldine.

30 Dec 1768: William Blakemore & Mary Knight.

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12 Feb 1770: John Mansell & Elizabeth Haines.

14 Jun 1771: Thomas Wood & Mary Rider, p. High Ercall, sp., lic.

20 Aug 1771: William Walker, p. Dawley, & Frances Wyke.

26 Oct 1772: Richard Swift & Elisabeth Jones.

30 Dec 1773: Thomas Randles & Sarah League, p. High Ercall.

15 Dec 1774: Thos. Cartledge & Mary Plant.

14 Sep 1775: George Challenor, b., & Sarah Allen, lic.

3 Apr 1777: William Friend, b., & Mary Okely, sp.

29 Jun 1778: Richard Brees & Elisabeth Jones.

20 Jul 1779: Robert Dawes, p. High Ercall, & Elisabeth Ellerton, sp.

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7 Feb 1780: Thomas Hollis & Mary Kaye.

9 Jul 1781: Joseph Icke, p. Kinnersley, co. Salop, b., & Hannah Fowke, sp., lic.

9 Jun 1783: William Woolley & Elisabeth Downes.

25 Nov 1783: Joseph James, b. & Sarah Matthews, sp. lic.

10 Oct 1785: Luke Morris & Ann Edge.

29 May 1786: William Pescal, p. High Ercal, & Sarah Matthews.

4 Apr 1787: John Smith, p. Kinnersley, b., & Martha Foysey, sp. lic.

29 Dec 1787: William Jones, p. Edgmond, b., & Ann Harper, sp.

4 Feb 1788: John Barber, p. Newport, co. Salop, & Sarah Madeley, lic. Wit: Ann Maria Wase & Robert Madeley.

24 Mar 1788: Thomas Barratt, p. Gnosall, co. Stafford, Elisabeth Madeley, lic. Wit: Sarah Wase & Robert Madeley.

21 Jul 1788: Peter Matthews, b., & Eleanor Symonds, sp.

3 Feb 1789: James Gregory, widr., & Elizabeth Hughes, p. High Ercall, lic.

3 Aug 1789: Thomas Ralphs & Elizabeth Dunn.

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13 Apr 1790: William Emery, p. Wellington, co. Salop, & Ann Maria Wase, lic. Wit: Mary Wase & Samuel Atcherley.

28 Apr 1791: John Dickin, p. Shawbury, & Elizabeth Wase, lic. Wit: Frances Farror & William Dickin.

7 Mar 1793: John Farrow, widr., & Martha Cund, sp. Wit: John Gore & John Cooper.

30 Dec 1793: Francis James, p. Edgemond, & Martha Hobson.

11 Dec 1794: Peter Mathews, b., & Anne Matthews, wid., lic.

5 Jan 1795: Thomas Titley, b., & Elizabeth Clews, p. High Ercall, sp.

25 Jun 1795: James Jones, p. Hodnet, b., & Mary Taylor, sp.

18 Jul 1795: William Blakemore, b., & Elizabeth Light, sp.

28 Mar 1796: John Matthews, b. & Sarah Tudor.

12 Jul 1796: Sarah Randles & Robert Allen.

30 Jan 1798: William Griffiths, widr., & Lydia Titley, sp.

28 Mar 1799: Thomas Higgins, p. Tettenhall, co. Stafford, & Mary Wase, lic. Wit: Margaret Wase & Robt. Higgins.

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16 Feb 1801: James Tidd, b., & Harriet Davies, wid.

4 Aug 1801: Richard Bowen, b., & Sarah Jones, p. High Ercall, sp.

15 Mar 1802: Samuel Atcherley, p. High Ercall, & Margaret Wase, lic. Wit: Sarah Wase & John Atcherley.

14 Oct 1802: John Blakemore & Sarah Williams, p. High Ercall.

6 Jan 1803: William Fleming, p. Bolas, b., & Elizabeth James, sp., lic.

16 May 1803: Thomas Groom, p. Bolas, b., & Margaret Plant, sp.

27 Dec 1803: William Thomas & Mary Haycock.

24 Sep 1804: William Evans, b., & Mary Higgins, sp.

5 Nov 1804: John Cowley, b., & Elizabeth Wilde, wid.

21 Jan 1805: William Vickers, b., & Jane Humphrys, sp.

9 Feb 1805: Lewis Jones, p. [torn off], & Mary Holmes, lic. Wit: Elizabeth Adams, Geo. Challenor.

8 Oct 1805: Alexander Digmore Keate, p. High Ercall, & Barbara Leighton, lic. Wit: John Langley & Richd. Leighton.

8 Jan 1807: Samuel Tudor, p. High Ercall, & Elizabeth Challenor, lic. Wit: Margaret Forester & Joseph Matthews.

29 Apr 1807: Richard Swift, widr., & Eleanor Evans, sp. By Rt. W. Hill, Minister of Bolas.

28 Jun 1808: Charles Bennett, p. High Ercall, & Elizabeth Turner. By Rt. W. Hill, Rector.

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21 Jan 1811: Wm. Harper & Martha Harriss. By Rt. W. Hill, Rector.

28 Mar 1815: William Harper & Jane Titley, both of this p. Wit: John Titley, Sara Titley, Richd Nicklin, Clerk [the latter signs almost every marriage entry as a witness with very few exceptions until 1837]. By John King, Off. Min.

5 Oct 1815: John Rider, b., p. High Ercal, age 21+, & Sarah Dickin, sp., lic. Wit: John Dickin, Elizabeth Dickin. By Robert Pugh, Minister of Weston.

27 Apr 1818: Richd Allen & Sarah James, lic., with consent of parents. Wit: Thos Allen, Mary James. By Richd. Hill, Rector [signs until 1820].

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31 Jul 1820: Thomas Matthews, with consent of father, & Sarah Evans. Wit: William Pascall.

17 Oct 1820: Thomas Groucock, of p. Bolas Magney, & Elisabeth Dickin, lic., with consent of parents. Wit: John Dickin, Mary Colley.

25 Dec 1820: William Dean (X) & Ann Pidgeon (X), with consent of parents. Wit: William Pidgeon (X).

31 Dec 1821: Thomas Lloyd, widr., & Sarah Edge (X). Wit: Wm. Woolley (X). By C Hodgkin, Curate.

12 Feb 1822: George Colley (X) & Elizabeth Griffiths, with consent of parents. Wit: Richard Griffiths (X). By C Hodgkin, Curate.

31 Dec 1823: William Pidgeon (X), labourer & b., & Martha Cowley (X), s., both of age. Wit: Richd Neville (X). By Wright Willett, Curate [signs until 1827].

7 Nov 1825: William Titley, p. Hodnet, b., & Mary Titley, sp., lic., both of age. Wit: Thomas Tittley, Lydia Titley.

29 Dec 1825: Joseph Whitfield (X), b., & Elizabeth Powell (X), sp., both of age. Wit: Benjamin Powell (X), Susannah Whitfield (X).

23 Mar 1826: John Titley, b., & Mary Atcherley, p. High Ercall, sp., both of age, lic. Wit: Elizabeth Icke, John Turner (X).

15 Apr 1826: Thos Clay (X), b., Sarah Mathews (X), sp., both of age. Wit: Jane Mathews (X).

23 Jan 1827: Robert Hoggins (X), b., & Elizabeth Cureton (X), both of age. Wit: Mary Turner (X), George Doody (X).

12 May 1827: John Cartwright, p. Hodnet, b., & Margaret Dickin, sp., both of age, lic. Wit: William Dickin, John Dickin, Sarah Dickin. By E. S. Dickenson, Minister of Bolas Magna.

1 Jun 1829: John Howel (X) & Ann Millington (X), both of age. Wit: Thos Lloyd. By Thomas Evans Officiating Minister.

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25 Dec 1832: Francis Leah & Ann Bennett (X), with consent of parents. Wit: Thos Bennett, Sarah Leah. By Wright Willett, Curate.

23 Jan 1833: John Buttrey (X), p. Ercall Magna, & Ann Griffiths (X), with consent of parents. Wit: Jane Griffiths (X), John Shakeshaft (X). By Thomas Evans, Minister of Longdon.

2 Jun 1833: William Brown & Mary Atcherley (X), both of age, lic. Wit: Thos Cureton. By Wright Willett, Curate.

11 Feb 1835: John Tipton (X), widr., & Sarah Pursell, wid., both of age, lic. Wit: Esther Nickles, Sam Nickliss (X). By Wright Willett, Curate.

16 Jun 1835: John Shakeshaft, p. Ercall Magna, & Jane Griffiths (X), with consent of parents. Wit: Thomas Griffiths, Mary Griffiths (X). By E. S. Dickenson, Minister of Bolas Magna.

9 May 1837: William Yale (X), p. Longden upon Tern, b., & Ann Wilkes (X), sp., both of age. Wit: John Yale (X), Mary Gosnil (X). By Wright Willett, Curate.

1 Aug 1837: Robt Atcherley | 32 | Bachelor | Farmer | Moortown | Saml Atcherley | Farmer; Elizabeth Icke | 27 | Spinster | – | Waters Upton | William Icke | Victualer. Licence. Both signed. Wit. Robert Icke, Charlotte Atcherley. [Source: Pers. com. (data from marriage register)]

17 Feb 1838: Samuel Nicklin | 24 | Bachelor | Shoe maker | High Ercall | Richard Nicklin | Shoe maker; Sarah Lloyd | 28 | Spinster | — | Waters Upton | William Lloyd | Farmer. Licence. Both signed. Wits. Harriet Lloyd, George Nicklin. [Source: Pers. com. (data from marriage register)]

[?] Feb 1838: William Morris and Ann Pritchard. [Source: FamilySearch, GRO index.]

23 Apr 1838: George Palin and Ann Harper. [Source: FamilySearch, GRO index.]

14 Aug 1838: John Pickin and Elizabeth Felton. [Source: FamilySearch, GRO index (records John’s surame as Pirkin).]

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1 Jun 1840: John Williams and Ann Lloyd. [Source: FamilySearch. Note: Ann’s maiden surname was Taylor, she married William Lloyd in 1827 (see above). John and Ann were Waters Upton residents at the time of the 1851 census.]

7 Jun 1841: William Howard and Deborah Andrews. [Source: Ancestry member family tree, GRO index (page number precedes that for marriages at Wellington in same quarter). Note: Both William and Deborah were Waters Upton residents at the time of the 1841 census.]

Apr/May/Jun 1841: Thomas Lowe and Ann Wilkes. [Source: On the same page of the GRO index as the above marriage of Howard and Andrews.]

24 Oct 1843: John Harper | of full age | Bachelor | Taylor | Waters Upton | William Harper | Labourer; Emma Davies | of full age | Spinster | Servant | Waters Upton | Mathew Davies | Taylor. Banns. Both signed. Wits. Thomas Green, Sarah Davies. [Source: GRO certificate (copy posted to Ancestry member family tree), GRO index.]

24 Mar 1845: William Braznall [= Brazenell], of Waters Upton, father William, a labourer; and Eliza Harper, of Waters Upton, father William, a labourer. Witnesses Thomas Cooper, Jane Cooper. [Source: GRO certificate (details posted to Ancestry member family tree).]

2 Feb 1849: Charles Ridgway and Emma Morris. [Source: FamilySearch, GRO index.]

31 Dec 1850: John Griffiths and Eleanor Light. [Source: FamilySearch, GRO index.]

15 Dec 1851: Thomas Holland Deakins and Margaret Morris. [Source: FamilySearch, GRO index.]

17 Dec 1851: Edward Wedge and Eliza Evason. [Source: FamilySearch, GRO index.]

30 Nov 1853: John Taylor Esq. (of Bolas Villa) and Miss Ann Dickin (of Waters Upton Hall). [Source: Eddowes’s Shrewsbury Journal, 7 Dec 1853, page 5, and GRO index.]

18 Sep 1856: George Harper | full age | Bachelor | Labourer | Waters Upton | William Harper | Labourer; Sarah Ikin | full age | Spinster | Servant | Waters Upton | Joseph Ikin | Labourer. Banns. George made his mark, Sarah signed. Wits. Charles Harper (X), Mary Mathews. [Source: GRO certificate (copy posted to Ancestry member family tree), GRO index.]

22 Nov 1858: William Boston Yeomans (eldest son of the late Richard Yeomans, formerly of Shrewsbury) and Elizabeth Gregory (youngest daughter of James Gregory of Waters Upton). [Source: Shrewsbury Chronicle, 26 Nov 1858, page 4; Wellington Journal, 27 Nov 1858, page 2 (groom’s name given as William Bosson Yeomans); GRO index.]

9 Jun 1864: John Higgins (of Lubstree Park, Shropshire) and Elizabeth Groucock (eldest daughter of the late Thomas Groucock of Meeson, Shropshire). [Source: Staffordshire Advertiser, 18 Jun 1864, page 5; GRO index.]

21 Nov 1872: Newman Battman and Sarah Woolley. [Source: Ancestry member family tree, GRO index (page number precedes that for marriages at Wellington in same quarter).]

14 Oct 1880: James Henry Wyley (of Coventry) and Louisa Harriet Juckes (of Cotwall). [Source: Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 21 Oct 1880, GRO index.]

3 Aug 1887: Herbert France Percival (4th son of Rev James Stanley Percival and Clara, nee Johnson) and Mary Jane Cornes (only daughter of Joseph Cornes of Crudgington Grange). [Source: Joseph Jackson Howard, Frederick Arthur Crisp (1894), Visitation of England and Wales, Volume 2, Page 72, and GRO index.]

Jul/Aug/Sep 1887: James Evans and Ann Powell. [Source: GRO index (same volume and page number as marriage of Percival and Cornes above).]

19 Oct 1892: Rev Lyttleton Vernon Yonge and Elizabeth M H Groucock. [Source: Cambridge Independent Press, 21 Oct 1892, page 5, and GRO index.]

28 Apr 1909: Thomas Henry Kimnell (of Wardington, Oxford) and Mary Ann Ball (youngest daughter of William A R Ball, Waters Upton). [Source: Wellington Journal, 1 May 1909, page 7, and GRO index (no other marriages on same page).] Added 12 Jul 2019.

29 Apr 1914: Albert Tomlinson (only son of Mrs Tomlinson, Waters Upton) and Edith Dicken (4th daughter of Mr S Dicken of Aston, Wellington, Shropshire). [Source: Chester Chronicle, 9 May 1914, page 5.]

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