1868 Slater’s Directory

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Slater’s (late Pigot & Co,) Royal National Commercial Directory of Gloucester, Hereford, Monmouth, Shropshire, and North and South Wales, and of the City of Chester (1868)

WELLINGTON, WITH [surrounding parishes including] WATERS-UPTON, […]

The following parishes are all in the neighbourhood of Wellington, but are too small to merit separate notice. The distances given are all from Wellington, and the populations are from the returns of 1861:— […] Waters Upton, or Upton Parva, 5 miles N.; population, 197.

[Note: Only the categories containing entries for Waters Upton, and entries within those categories for residents of Waters Upton, are shown below.]

Rural Messengers—[…] Letters from [a long list of hamlets and villages including Waters Upton] arrive at seven night, and are despatched at half-past five morning.

Gentry & Clergy.

Davies Rev. J. B. Waters Upton
Halke Rev. Thos. LL.B. Waters Upton
Halke Rev. Thos. LL.B. Withington
Meredith Miss —, Waters Upton
Morgan John, Esq. Waters Upton
Taylor Mrs. —, Waters Upton

Academies & Schools.
Parochial School, […]
Walker Mrs. —, Waters Upton
Workhouse School, Waters Upton—Edward Weaving, master; Georgiana Weaving, mistress.


Ridgway James, Waters Upton

Boot & Shoe Makers.

Bennett Thomas, Waters Upton


Tudor Samuel, Waters Upton


Titley Thomas, Waters Upton


Morgan William, Waters Upton


Morgan John, Waters Upton


Jones George, Waters Upton

Taverns & Public Houses.

Swan, Mary Martin, Waters Upton

Retailers of Beer.

Owen Mrs. —, Waters Upton

Public Buildings, Offices, &c.

Places of Worship,
St. Michael’s Church, Waters Upton .. Rev. J. B. Davies, rector

Poor Law Union.
[Workhouse, Walker street]
Relieving Officers .. […] and Thomas Mansell, Waters Upton

From pages 96–101 of the Shropshire section of the directory. Transcribed from a copy viewed online at Findmypast – Britain, directories & almanacs.