Memorial Inscriptions: Hobson

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of John the son of Thomas
and Mary Hobson, who died
February the 13th 1795
aged [?]
[rest of inscription hidden by vegetation]

Waters Upton MIs - Hobson, John

John Hobson was baptised privately at Waters Upton on 7 Apr 1770, son of Thomas and Mary Hobson. His burial also took place there, on 15 Feb 1795 – John had passed away aged just 25. According to the parish register, he “died the 13th by an Acct.”

RECTOR OF THIS PARISH 1905 – [1934?]

Waters Upton MIs - Hobson, Samuel

The printed transcript of the Waters Upton registers states that Samuel’s incumbency began 22 Mar 1906 and that he had previously been the vicar of nearby Uppington in Shropshire from 1880 to 1902 (the latter statement being borne out by his appearance on the census returns for 1881, 1891 and 1901 at Uppington). He was living at The Rectory in Waters Upton at the time of the 1911 census. Samuel was born in Butley, Suffolk, where he was baptised on 22 Jun 1845, son of Samuel and Mary Elizabeth Hobson. It appears that his death was registered at Bath in the September quarter of 1928.

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