Memorial Inscriptions: Titley

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Waters Upton memorial inscriptions: TITLEY

In affectionate
remembrance of
who died March 4th 1856,
aged 60 years.
Wife of the above
who died April 6th 1832,
aged 28 years.


Waters Upton MIs - Titley, John and Mary - 1

Mary, daughter of farmer Samuel Atcherley of Moortown in the parish of Ercall Magna, Shropshire and his second wife Margaret Wase, was baptised in her parish church on 6 March 1804. She had a son, Henry Atcherley, born out of wedlock in 1822, before marrying John Titley, a butcher from the neighbouring parish of Waters Upton, on 23 March 1826. Mary had a further three sons with her husband John, named Thomas, John and Samuel. Sadly of these three, two (John and Sam) died in infancy. Mary herself died less than four months after the burial of her fourth and last child, at the age of 28. Thomas survived into adulthood, in the care of his father John.

Waters Upton MIs - Titley, John and Mary - 2


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